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Podcast on April 27, 2017

Anne McElvoy tests the recall of The Economist’s US team with a special quiz on Trump’s first 100 days. She and Andrew Stuttaford next delve into the power struggle between family and ideology in the White House.
— The Economist

Michael Warren chats about the establishment striking back in Kansas, and then Andrew Stuttaford discusses the various establishments in post-Brexit disarray.
— The Weekly Standard


Podcast on July 28, 2016

The Baltics are little, beautiful countries a long way from the United States – and very close to Russia. They were once ruled – captured and brutalized – by the Kremlin. Today, they are members of NATO.

What does this mean? Does it matter? The issue has come up in the current presidential race. And Andrew Stuttaford is an excellent man to address it. He talks with Jay about matters historical and burningly current. They are related.
— Ricochet